I have always loved cereal. I grew up eating a bowl of cereal every morning and sometimes one at night too. When I started eating naturally I switched to only organic cereals and was very picky about choosing ones that were not filled with sugar, although they all are. When we made the jump to being a cereal free household, I had to come up with a lot of new breakfast ideas, at the time we were eating whole foods, soaked grains, and vegetarian. When we started the GAPS diet our breakfasts had to change again. I like to have a plan and a system for everything that is just the way I am. So when we left cereal behind I tried a few recipes and came up with a new system that is working wonderfully for us. For all our breakfast recipes click here.

Our Full GAPS Breakfast Schedule
We have homemade sausages and gravy every morning and most mornings we also juice fresh fruits and veggies. 
Monday and Wednesday we have scrambled eggs with onions, veggies, and cheese.
Tuesday we have winter squash porridge.
Thursday is one of our favorites, breakfast custard.
Friday is fried eggs or baked eggs with hollandaise, or omletes.
Saturday is usually some kind of coconut flour recipe like crepes, pancakes, or muffins
Sunday is simply left overs from the week or an egg bake.

Our Whole Foods Soaked Grains Vegetarian Breakfast Schedule
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have scrambled eggs with sourdough toast, English muffins, or scones.
Tuesday and Thursday we enjoy porridge or yogurt and granola.
Saturday I make a more time consuming breakfast like waffles, pancakes, baked oatmeal, or french toast.
Sunday we enjoy left overs from the Saturday breakfast.

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