Snacks can be a big part of any child's diet. We sometimes eat up to two snacks a day around here, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Although I never offer snack I wait until the kids ask. There are many days, especially on the weekends, when they never eat snacks. I try to think of snacks as a mini meal they should never be full of sugar, fake chemical ingredients, or empty calories. They should always be just as wholesome and nutritious as any meal I make. The food we feed our kids now influences how they will eat as adults. We all need to be teaching our kids that healthy eating happens all day not just at certain meals.

Here are some of our favorite at snacks many of them also work well for travel. For more snack recipes click here.

Favorite GAPS Snacks
Chicken Muffins
 Pumpkin Bites
 Fruit and Yogurt Leather
Beef jerky
Energy Bites

Favorite Vegetarian Snacks
Waffles or pancakes with cream cheese and jelly.
Fresh fruit
Fresh veggies and dip
Graham crackers and applesauce
Whole wheat crackers, olives, and cheese
Yogurt with granola
Veggie Soup and whole wheat crackers
PB Cream on whole wheat crackers
Drops (sort of like a muffin top in cookie form)
Apple Oat Drops
Carrot Drops
Nut Butter Drops
Butternut Squash Drops

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