Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Egg and Cheese Pitas

I have been working on breakfast around here. We eat mostly cereal and the occasional pancakes but I want more variety. While on vacation I used what we had to make some delicious breakfasts for our family. The first combined a favorite for my kids and left overs from dinner.

Egg and Cheese Pitas
3-4 pita pockets
8 eggs
1 cup cheese
Roasted bell peppers or other cooked veggies

Toast or bake pitas just enough to warm them up. Cut a slit in the top and split the middle of the pockets set aside to fill later. Heat a large skillet over med high heat meanwhile crack eggs and whisk together until blended. Spray oil in pan to coat and add the eggs. Cook and mix till done we like our eggs well done here no slimy mushiness. Remove the eggs from heat add the veggies and cheese and mix well. Fill the pitas with the egg mixture. Add a bit of ketchup if desired.

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